Functional Design

We create functional Web Apps and websites.

Our approach

Most of Web- development is about solving problems. We have become experts on different low/no- code tools to solve these problems at low cost, high speed with no constrains.


All our apps is mobile responsive, and works on any device, as long as you hav a browser

Proven tools

We use robust and safe tools to develop our websites and web apps. No need to worry about scaling or security.

So what do we do?


Our main work is researching, building and deploying our own projects.

Mainly SaaS products sold as a subscription service.


Consulting freelancers, small business owners and organizations is something that we can do.

We build automations processes, Websites and small programs to streamline your workflow


We strive to always use well-tested, easy to use-fast to deploy tools in our work.

We aim to share our knowledge of those tools by publishing articles and tutorials.