AI in video editing software

Runway ML does makes you feel like a super- editor!

The last few days I have had the pleasure of fooling around with Runway - a Video Editing SaaS living in your browser. The app lets you edit videos as normal, with a few extra perks.

Can it actually do the work of a video editor?

Short answer - yes, if you work with relatively small files and do not demand too many pro features. I will describe it as iMovie- level of features.

Yet - the regular editing features is not what makes Runway special.

Green screen

Runway uses AI to intelligently understand the object you want to be selected, and then makes it easy to change the background of the object to whatever you would like.


Mark your object in one frame, and Runway understands what you want to remove from your video, and replaces the pixels smartly using AI.

Motion Tracking

The coolest feature - in my opinion - is the motion tracking engine. Makes it super easy to create films with advanced effects, simply by taking advantage of AI.

Tech used

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