Your application needs, from A to Z

Why consulting?

Even though MKMGs mantra and goal is to create great products for many customers on a subscription based pricing, we see that we also could add great value to companies in need of a special solution, tailor made for them.

That is why we are expanding our operation to include building applications and websites for customers that matches the following criteria:

- Small to medium sized company in need of a specialized solution
- Project no bigger than 4 weeks of development
- Customer- facing or internal tool.

We are very good at detecting and solving system- problems

Our speciality lies in detecting the real issue that needs to be solved. Then we simplify to create the exact patch that your business need.

Analytics over all

We have acquired extensive competency in analyzing data and results, and are always building solutions that will work in the long term.

Function first

We build functional applications that can speak to your techstack

As responsive as you would like

We can build your applications as responsive as you need them.